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Photographs of Leonard Carl Garlitz

The following pages are dedicated to the memory of my father. He was a good man who helped raise six children, worked hard, and tried his best to be there for me when I needed him. As with all large families not everyone holds the same memories of their childhood but for me I remember fishing with Dad, picking huckleberries, picking hickory nuts, squating beside him while he watched his garden grow, eating homemade potato chips, riding in the wheel barrel (he didn't explain to me what manure was), eating corn meal mush. Who could forget the smell of squirrel cooking! I would love to eat a bowl of homemade vegetable soup right now! (bet Tom would too!) Perhaps Dad wasn't the kind of father who changed diapers or helped Mom with the care giving but in his own way he shared himself with me... he taught me the things he knew... he taught them in his own way. I know that he loved me and that is all that really matters. I love him and miss him.


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